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Choose From 3 Different Packages To Recover Your Diminished Value

Package 1

Package Includes

Package 2


Includes Package
1 and…

Package 3

Variable Pricing

On-Site Appraisal

Package Includes

Diminished Value Amount and… Sample Demand Letter Detailed On-Site Inspection
Diminished Value Report to be Presented to the
At-Fault Insurance Company
Easy to Follow Check List
Damage Evaluation
Tax Information Post Repair Value of Vehicle
Contact Sheet Diminished Value Assessment
Insurance Referral Sources Professionally Written Report
Simple Negotiating Tips Instructions
Appraiser’s Credentials
Customer Service Support
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Car Accident Recovery provides a quick, easy, convenient way to more Ca$h.  With your Diminished Value report, and the tips, you too can collect your lost value without the assistance of an attorney, just like I did.

Some Diminished Value Appraisal companies may charge as much 1/3 of the amount collected.  We show you how to collect the diminished value amount in simple, easy steps.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

*Once you receive the report, you will have the most complete information on how to get more Ca$h from your car accident – it’s QUICK, EASY and IT WORKS!

* most complete information available with Package 2 and Package 3